Sunday November 20, 2016

Stellos Stadium
Nashua, New Hampshire

Half Marathon Start 9:00 AM
5K Start 9:15 AM


Testimonials From 2015 Wolf Hollow Half Marathon

I love my newest pint glass. Fun way to spend a cold rainy morning:) with lots of great people and beautiful trails along the river.
Thanks 3C for another awesome half!! The timing company gave out receipts at the end of the race. That's new and cool!
(Our partners from Pennsylvania - Second Wind Timing - trained the 3CRP crew on a lot of new features for our chip timing System
RaceResult. Look for the receipts at future New England Half Marathon Tour Events!!!)

I will Highly Recommend this race to all runners I meet! So well organized and friendly with amazing volunteers!
The Kale Soup was delicious, loved the T-Shirt and medal!
Thank- you to everyone involved! Looking forward to returning next year!

Beautiful course and the kids out there were great!

Loved it as always. See you in 2 weeks at Thompson Speedway.

Wow! I love the result receipts!!!

Such a cool Mojo in the air at the Wolf Hollow even with the drizzle and clouds.

Thank you for such a great race—one of my favorite courses, and a well-organized event. I loved the RaceReceipts too and am pleased to hear
they will be used in the future. I hope you were able to get some rest and recovery over the holiday weekend.

Thanks for putting on a great race, despite the lack of perfect weather!

Testimonials From 2014 Wolf Hollow Half Marathon

You and your crew did a fantastic job making sure all runners have the best experience.
I want to thank you for your crew for the wonderful experience that I had.

This was a great race. We look forward to doing it again next year.

Beautiful course. Loved running through the woods and along the canal.

Woo Hoo! New England Half Marathon Tour Complete! Great Series!

I had a great experience today at the Wolf Hollow a Half! Thank you a wonderful race experience.

This is the friendliest race I have ever run. I love you guys!!!

Can I get the recipe for the soup?

What a beautiful day for a race. What is your next event?

Thanks for a great race again this year! This is out third year participating in the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon relay.

Hello, I had a great time at your race today, well done!

Thanks for a great race! We had a fun time.

Thanks for a great race.

Good afternoon ... fabulous race this morning.

Fun race!

Wow! What a great race! Everything was perfect... Except maybe for my time........... Just joking...

Loved the course! Loved the shirt & medal! Loved the crew! Loved the soup! Loved the weather!

Awesome day, fantastic course and GREAT Volunteers everywhere! Thanks for an amazing experience!

Great race today, I loved the course!


Testimonials From 2013 Wolf Hollow Half Marathon

Hi...enjoyed the race today, beautiful course! Love the shirts, The post race soup was the best after a bitterly cold run... Love the bling.

Just want to say thank you for everything you do! It was SO cold this morning, but the volunteers came & cheered us on & gave us water & were great all the way through! Stay warm & thanks again for ALL your time & efforts. We, the runners appreciate YOU!

I ran the Half Marathon Today .... Great Race, best set up yet, see you next time.

I really liked the course despite the cold weather.

Thanks so much, and great job organizing this event!

Best post race soup ever!!!

Be sure to thank ALL of the volunteers for coming out and supporting us on such a bitterly cold day. They made a difficult race most enjoyable.

GREAT race, I did it last year as a team and with word of mouth got several people to do it this year with us because it is such a great event. Even with the weather when everyone today said they are not doing it next year, I convinced them that is NOT an option! Good job on a great race.

Aside from the cold wind it was a well run, fun race thank you!

I want to thank you for an amazing race today. It was well organized, staffed & I truly enjoyed the experience. As this was my 1st half-marathon, you & your organization have set the bar that other races will now be measured against.

Major props to you and your volunteers for such a wonderful event. Must have been tough out there for you guys.
P.S. Great soup.

Thank you so very much again ... And I look forward to running in next year's race !!!

Great job Michael! My heart went out to all the wonderful people supporting the race who were not running to stay warm.
Much respect and appreciation to them--it was a WONDERFUL race and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Wow! My first half marathon after dozens of 5K's. Froze my <butt> off! Yet I can't wait until next year. Thanks!!!

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who supported us both physically and emotionally out in the freezing cold this morning!

Great race today. I loved everything about it; great course and postrace food; classy shirts and medals, etc. I'm guessing you might get some negative feedback about the 2014 typo on everything . . . and i just wanted to make sure you had some positive feedback too! Thanks so much; looking forward to checking out some of the other 3CRP races next year!

Great race today. Well done.

Thanks for a fantastic run today! The wind and temps were crazy, but this was my favorite course so far! Special thanks to all the volunteers who braved freezing temps for us today and encouraged us to keep going, I know it wasn't easy!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your team did to put this race on. It was pretty tough with the cold but everybody I met was positive and encouraging while they were freezing their butts off. It was a good day!! Again Thanks for everything you did to pull this together!! :)

That was a terrific event.

We had a great time! Where do we find the recipe for that soup? Never had soup so good!!!

Kudos to everyone at for a great event! You guys are awesome!

Awesome race. We will be there next year!

Thanks for a fun race! My only "complaint" was that it was too darn cold and you can't do anything about that!!!

I am over from the UK visiting my daughter who is a runner as well and took part with me. I flew over on Friday and had spent significant parts of last week checking the weather reports as Sunday was looking to be potentially very unpleasant to run. The conditions are not something we would typically get in the UK and as a result such a race would have been cancelled.
It is a testament to you and your crew that the race went ahead and was overall a very successful event.
I would agree that the problems inside the YMCA were problematic for the runners and members of the Y. Due to the cold I had decided not to get changed until I arrived and found that I was sharing the locker room with members, who to their credit, did not complain. Maybe changing facilities could be offered in future even if it is only in a tented area.
The route was great and very enjoyable. The crew at the water stations were friendly and supportive. How they stood out in the cold for so long to ensure the runners needs were addressed beats me and I send them my thanks.
The food stations at the end of the race were great and were just what I needed when I had completed.
I had been hoping to do sub 1:50;00 but the weather conditions put paid to that, though I was very happy with my 1:53:04. I ran the whole race with my daughter, Nicola Fraley, who came in a second faster. We had a great time talking throughout the race, talking to other runners and shouting out our appreciation to the crew and spectators.
My daughter and I mostly communicate by phone and Skype, we only see each other maybe once or twice a year, we tend to compare races we have both done and don't get the opportunity to plan and look forward to a shared race. As a result the Wolf Hollow half marathon will hold a special place in my heart. Even the 2014 typo adds to the quirkiness of the overall event!
Many thanks for a great race!

It was a great race, a fun challenge in the cold and life is always full of hiccups.
Thanks for all the hard work and I'll see you next year!!

I thought the race was exceptionally awesome! It was my 3rd Half Marathon ever and I had a lot of fun (even with the cold and wind).

Thank you for a great race.

I wanted to say that your staff were some of the nicest workers on the circuit I've ever encountered, the refreshment tables were run great and overall it was one of my (most difficult given the weather) but most enjoyable races. I can only say good things about it

I had a great time yesterday, despite the cold! I think it was a good day. This was my second Wolf Hollow and I look forward to next year!

It was a fun race and a good cause. See you next year!

I really enjoyed having the war soup this year. Thank you.

It was a very enjoyable run - Thanks.

All-in-all, a great race for a great cause.

Thanks very much for all of your hard work in organizing the race. I've done many many races and I thought things went pretty smoothly yesterday. The course was good - interesting and scenic. A very enjoyable run despite the tough conditions. Hope you have a great holiday season.

Thank you for the kind email. With all said, I still had a great time this year (and last) running the event….with growth, there are always small mistakes.

I thought the race was great, I personally was not affected by any of the mentioned "mistakes". I was pleasantly surprised by the organization, the volunteers and all the water stops. I will definitely be running this half marathon again - thanks for a great experience!!

Kudos for being out there in the freezing cold yesterday. Looking forward to signing up for next year! Thanks for all you do to make it happen - great races in great places is right on! See you in the Spring!

I know you may have had a few glitches, but I ran this race last year too and it is truly my favorite 1/2 marathon. The course is beautiful, it is run professionally, and everyone is so friendly. I look forward to running it again next year.

It was fun! Thanks for all the work that went into it - I enjoy racing but would NEVER want to be a race director. I tip my (figurative) hat to you.

Have a restful Thanksgiving and a very sincere thank you for the work you put into this race.

Good Job overall despite the conditions and a good addition of the hot soups.

Thank you again for all the hard work you and your crew do to put on another day of exciting racing!

I have to say that it was an Amazing race and an awesome organization.

Great race and I had an awesome time.

Aside from the frigid temps- I absolutely loved the marathon and wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

Thank you for a great race! I was really surprised it was only the second one. Everyone was in good spirits despite the cold, the volunteers were super helpful, the food was amazing-- I love my shirt, my husband loves the pint glass and my kids love the medal. Awesome job! Thank you!

Thanks again for putting on a great race right in our own backyard.

Despite the cold weather, me and several hundred maniacs braved the elements just because we all knew it was going be an epic race. And it was! You and the volunteers had it the hardest, because you had to stand still, while we warmed up by running. So, thank you to all who helped. And great Portuguese soup.

Hi Michael- overall I think you did a great job but the 5K was confusing: Oh! Well!- but will sign up again next year.

No worries - it was a fun race. Every race has a few hiccups. Thanks again - it was a great race. I had a blast.

I just wanted to send a big thank you for a great race. Despite the cold weather, I had a spectacular run and actually set a new PR during the Half. I thought the race was marked well, water stops were frequent, and the location was beautiful.

Thanks again to the great volunteers on the must have been soooooo cold for them, yet they were always so full of encouragement:

I don't normally provide feedback to race coordinators, but I just wanted to say thanks to whomever comes up with the designs for your(3C) shirts. Of all the shirts from all the races i have ran, yours are the best. Subtle and clean. If it were any other race I might have skipped yesterday, but i wanted that shirt.

The race was great! We were so worried about the weather the night before but it was not at all as bad as we thought.

Thank you! And great job organizing a wonderful race!

Thanks for your help and thanks for a great race.

Congratulations on the money that you raised.

I just wanted to say thank you for an overall great race. This was my first half marathon and I was really happy with the course. I was concerned about having to do a loop and how that would effect me mental (running the same area twice and getting bored), but the park was so beautiful that I certainly did not mind going through it again. Also the volunteers were so cheerful (despite that they must have been even colder than us runners), which really helped keep you going on such a cold morning!

You guys did a great job on a ridiculously cold day.

Thanks for a great morning. It was a blast.

G'day Michael, Thanks for putting on the race in adverse conditions.

Wanted to write an email of thanks to the coach or principal of the volunteers from the high school team that was manning the water stop out where the pine street extension was at the end of the park. Their mitts were covered in ice, but they were friendly and did a great job under the circumstances. See you in 2014 to run the race again.

thank you for your speedy and responsive reply. That is huge in building loyalty. I expect to be an many more of your events.

The greatest thing of this race was the route. Fantastic views and clean path.

We'll be back.

Given the excellent managment of the many races you have produced and I have competed it and the complexity of this one, things will go wrong sometimes. Robin and I think you have a quality product and always choose your races over those produced by others when we can. Please know The O'Hara's had a fantastic time! See you next year!

Wonderfully safe & enjoyable course. Thanks again for all your work so we can have a fun time!

No race is perfect! I loved the warn gatorade that several of the 13.1 mike water stops had. That was very unexpected and really felt great with those cold temps and winds. Thanks again for a fine race,

We had a great time running the relay and we plan to run the Half next year.
Good Luck with your races in 2014 and I hope we can run a few.

We had an awesome day and will be back. Thank you.

I absolutely loved this race and plan to come every year so I hope you keep running it! I did the half for my birthday which is today.

The shirt is fabulous and I have a friend who will do it next year with me just for the shirt!

The course is awesome, almost all trail and scenic. That's very unusual and wonderful.

The women in my age group were very competitive --nice field. Good size, not too big or too small.

Thank you thank you for a fabulous experience.

I thought this was a very good half marathon....nice course, good scenery. It was my first time running in the park.

Great news about Kids To Camp!

It was my most challenging race so far, and will be one of the most cherished bling I got for sure! I look forward to doing this again next year. :)
Organizing a big event is hard!

Can I get the recipe for the soup???

Yesterday's race was fantastic. Freezing, but so fun! Thanks for all your hard work for a successful race!

Great race, lots if fun. Great job to everyone involved happy holidays.

My wife and I traveled up from Rochester, MA for the half and are glad we did. The course was EXCELLENT (too bad for the wind and cold). I plan to return next year.

It was fun!

Happy to have run and survived :) . See you all next year!

Hello it was my first time in your race I enjoyed the course and thought it well laid out.

Thanks for putting on such a good race; we enjoyed nearly every cold minute of it! It's wonderful to hear that so many kids will benefit from it.

Water stops were frequent than other halfs - I really appreciated this. Great soup and goodies at the end!

I personally want to Thanks you for all the time and effort you contributed towards making this race such a big success.

You're being way to hard on yourself. I think you can measure the success, first by all the happy kids who get to Y Summer camp next year,
second by the area high school cross country teams that receive your donation.
The 63% increase in participants(despite the frigid weather) is a testament to your hard work.
On a personal note, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Pint Glass and Plaque/Coaster for being the first resident in my age bracket.
I was very impressed with the glass the day of the race, but even more impressed tonight when I saw it filled with a pint of Sam Adams.
Keep up the good work, and Thanks again for all your efforts,

It's a great park to run in and we'll return next year. Having run other types of outdoor events ourselves, we understand there are so many more challenges than this one aspect. Good luck with your planning and thank you for holding the event!

Thanks for your help and thanks for a great race.

Well, it was a one-of-a-kind course and certainly unique weather conditions. A race to remember.
It's nice to see all the positive comments on your website. I certainly enjoyed it and I'm sorry I couldn't stick around for the awards.

I wanted to thank you for a great event, and tell you what happened to me. It was my first half marathon, and I know now that I was not prepared for it. I found that out when my calves gave out at mile 8. I struggled, both physically and mentally, to mile 11 and was literally about to quit. That is when one of your volunteers came to my rescue. Her name was Louise, if I remember correctly. I hope so, as she deserves to be recognized. She gave me the motivation and support to continue on. She helped get through the last 2miles and finish the race. She found me when I had stopped running and was ready to give up entirely. She got me moving, after some convincing, then went on to cheer on some others who were struggling. After a little while, I stopped again and there she was, back at my side. Once again I got moving. On the last mile, halfway up the hill, I was worn out and stopped again. Next thing I knew, she had my arm telling me I could do it. Well, I did finish. While I was hanging around the finish area, she found me and congratulated me. I am very thankful that she was there for me. I will run this race again next year. I will be better prepared for it, and I hope I see my new friend along the way.
Thank you again for a memorable event.

I give all of the volunteers a round of applause for being so helpful and friendly. Sometimes life's attempts are flawed. We are human!!! I think we owe them a thank you for making it happen despite the challenges, and doing so with a smile.Despite the mishaps, my husband, friends and I had a wonderful time at the race this past Sunday! Thank you for putting this together, and thank you to all the volunteers who stood out in the freezing cold and wind for hours to help out. We will definitely be in attendance next year!

We all know how tough organizing a race and volunteers can be and issues are always expected to come up. I would like to point out with the cold and wind, I was thankful NE Half Marathon secured the gym as a warm place to meet before the race started and even with a few issues both myself and my running partner had a great time at the race. We look forward to running the 3rd Annual Wolf Hollow Half Marathon next year.

Thanks for organizing last weekend's 5K & 1/2 marathons.Your 5K was my first ever, and I have not been scared off! It was a fun day, despite the cold! I very much appreciated the warm veggie soup (wish I had that recipe) as well as all the people on the trail ensuring that I made it back out of the woods :)

Thought it was a great race! Me and my friends had a great time. Loved the wooded course that was well marked and had helpful volunteers directing at key places. It was nice having access to the YMCA. Thanks for organizing!

Thank you so much for such an awesome time. The volunteers were so helpful on the course. I almost couldn't make it the whole way and I can now see that half-marathons are much tougher than I expected. The constant cheering and motivation on the course helped out so much though, and all those little mistakes are easily overlooked by the well run event. Thanks again!

Great Races in Great Places - I did 3 of yours this year and loved them all!

Overall, I thought it was a great race and was different than any other half I have run (this made #30).

Many thanks to all of your hard work.

Thank you for organizing a great half marathon.

Absolutely loved the race. Beautiful course, and the t-shirt design is fabulous! I think it's actually funny so many things went wrong, but all the staff was so apologetic and sincere, I didn't care! Will definitely be back next year. :)

Mike - another great race. Can I do the Macarena for another pint glass?

Thanks for a great race again! I had an excellent time both last year and this year and hope I can run again next year!

This was my first half, and other than the bitter cold (which I prefer over heat and humidity) I was very pleased with the overall experience.

A great race and a fun course (and a very cold day).

In the interest of fairness:

Anti-Testimonials From 2013 Wolf Hollow Half Marathon

The disorganization during arrival at the YMCA, the lack of port-a-potties and getting kicked out of the Y bathrooms after waiting in line, and the 2014 date on the shirts and bibs was extremely disappointing. I expect much better organization from a professional race management company.

Please accept our apologies. While we had no control over the accident on 495 that trapped the port-a-potty delivery truck for over an hour, we should have had them scheduled to arrive the day before instead of race morning. We will not allow that to happen again. I accept personal responsibility for the wrong date on the logo and in the future all artwork will be proofed by multiple people before approval. I too, am disappointed by the mishaps of this race and will work very hard to ensure they are not repeated in future races.

Testimonials From 2012 Wolf Hollow Half Marathon

Excellent race! Great all around from a guy who has been running longer than I would like to think.

Thanks for a great Wolf Hollow half marathon. Much fun.

Just wanted you to know that your race was fantastic. It was the first half marathon trail race I had ever run because I have weak ankles
and susceptable to rolling my ankle. I loved the course and never knew that area existed in Nashua.
That is on my list of areas to visit again and I will do this race next year.

A wonderful race!!!! Thanks for great work and attention to detail. It's on our list for next year.

I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great event. From my point of view, everything went off perfectly. Keep up the great work.

Thanks so much for a great race.

We ran a relay and thought the course was great plenty of water stops! All and all a great event!

Great race and loved the course! Awesome weather for running, and so peaceful on the trails. Volunteers were very happy and helpful. See you next year

Hi! Great race today. We will definitely be back next year.
That was a wonderfull race, the views where great. And it was put on well. Thanks again.

Just wanted to email and say thanks for a great race today.
The course, support and choose your own swag system at the end was great.
Also, appreciate the quick awards ceremony. It meant a lot less time standing in the cold.
Cudos also to the YMCA. Having their facility available made pre-race a lot easier.
Think very few had to suffer the frozen seat of the port-a-loos.
Hope you put this race on again next year.

The production of the race was first class.

Great race today and a really fun course too---nice mix of trails and pavement. Thanks for all the good work! I didn't stick around afterward since it was COLD---or I was freezing rather and we had a two hour ride back home. I just wanted to say thanks and this was a great way to work off the turkey and pie and get in a good post turkey day tempo run! Thanks to all the volunteers too.

Thank you for a fun race. It was well organized, the course is beautiful and the amenities were much appreciated. The shirts are among the best we've ever gotten (I was sorry I didn't buy some tech shirts, too!) - great design.All, in all, it was well worth the trip. My husband and I each placed in our age group - it pays to be old, I guess :) Very happy to support this inaugural run. Thank you again.

I ran the half-marathon today and I'd like to thank everyone involved in organizing this race for putting on a first-class event. Very well done!

I had a great time, Thanks.

Thank you and I had a great time - hope to do it again next year.

Thanks for another great race!!

Thank you for putting on such an awesome event! I loved the course and the organization was excellent. I will definitely be back next year.

Great job once again Mike. See you at the next race.

You ran a great race! Thank you! You know if you have soup it'll probably be 70 out that day :-) All good fun.

Thank you so much for a very fun and scenic half marathon! I am so happy to have been a part of it!

I very much enjoyed running the Half Marathon this past weekend. Thank you!

It was a great experience. Thank you.

Thanks for the great race...very nice getting off the roads and on a that you had a woman's small shirt...btw...i was second in my age group....
did i get an award????sorry i forgot to check after the race but i was tired and cold....and was just really enjoying the coffee and the warmth of the y....

It was a fantastic race!

Good race.....great job...

Thanks Mike and Virginia for a fun and beautiful course at the half. I live in the sticks and would never have thought Nashua could have such a great place to run. It was great to be off the pavement. Neal and I enjoyed it, thoroughly--even if he did beat me by many minutes!

First of all I want to say what a wonderful experience this race has been. My friend Jen Tsang & I decided to sign up for this race.
We have NEVER done a race before. We started jogging about 3 weeks prior & our goal was to finish a 5k.
Well we accomplished that & much more!! Thanks again !! We had a great time - well organized.

I thought the shirts were awesome with the wolf on the front!

Nice! Great event.

Thank you! I had a great race. If I am in the area I would love to participate next year.

The race was a lot of fun and I'll definitely be signing up next year! :)

Thank you much! It was a great race!

Thanks for a great race!

Thanks for the awesome race - was my first half and I had a great time!

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you and the crew did.
I truly enjoyed the race and look forward to the next year.

Thanks for an incredible race! It was my first half and I'm hooked!

My wife and I loved the race and we will definately be back next year.

Thank you It was a great race. I ran my personal best.

Thanks for a great race! You guys did a great job!! :-))

I really enjoyed the race.

The logo is really cool and overall this was, especially for a first race, well done.
Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Awesome! Thanks again. It was a great race!

Thank you!! Looking forward to next year!

You guys put on a great race.

Love the logo! Thanks.

This was one of the my favorite races ever and I've told all of my running friends that they have to do it next year.

Thanks for being an awesome first time race- you did an outstanding job! The hot water and hot cocoa were to die for !!!

Great race!! Will be doing it again next year.

Loved the race- I'll be back with friends next year.

I wanted to tell you that for a first time race it went well (from my perspective). I enjoyed the course and 'amenities'.

What a great success the race was! I had such an amazing time completing my very first half marathon!
It sure was cold, but the trail was beautiful! As an event planner myself,
I know how chaotic events can be - but this was wonderfully done.

Great race.

The race was great and well organized!

I am so happy to hear that your event was do successful in your first year. I heard so many great things about it and had quite a few friends participate.
We are so appreciative of your very generous gift to the Y and it will be used as Joe stated in his message.
If you decide to make this an annual event I hope you would consider partnering with the Y as well.

It's great to hear that the event was so successful. Thanks again for thinking of the Y as a recipient of the proceeds. $4,000 will go a long way towards helping kids and families who otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy the Y's could help send 60 kids to camp through our Y Cares program, or a full year of after school child care for a couple of young people. Just know that every dollar you raised will impact the lives of many kids and their families.
We'll figure out the parking situation next year. Ryan, our staff member who greeted you on Sunday morning, said he only got a few comments about it. He also reported back on what a great event it was. You actually got a few extra participants that morning. I know of a couple of members who saw the parking lot and said "If I can't beat them, I might as well join them" and registered for the race at the last minute. If we're able to protect some spaces for next year that would be great. We'll need to do a better job of educating our members about the event than we did his year too. Those two changes will go a long way. Congratulations on such a huge success for this inaugural event! And again, thank you so much for making the Y your charity of choice for the race. We look forward to working with you and your team again.

See you next year! Loved this race - well-managed, very nice amenities, beautiful course. Great way to finish the Thanksgiving week! We did four races that week, and placed in our age group in your race. Plan/hope to be faster next year! But it pays to be old :)

I LOVED the race and you'all did a GREAT job. It was awesome.

The shirts were among the best designed in my 30 year running & racing career.